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Dr. Coimbra interview covering Vitamin D, Magnesium, Folate, Vaccines - Oct 2018

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today I again called Professor
cícero coimbra because're again that
he was with us and brought a given
so interesting that we ask for
it back and tell all to you
the teacher reminds thank you for
your generous availability tac
us our listeners more health
of the whole Brazil and beyond Brazil
taking advantage of already sending hi to
our our Portuguese brothers we
watch also not only what's
going on that today we are with
so much infertility
but after this woman can
get pregnant as she could be
helping that baby since the middle
bb environment is she optimize
improve throughout not only the cognitive part
but emotionally also that child
first gratitude is all my
guarantees to make sure I am very grateful for the
opportunity you offer to bring
this information public it should
feel that way too so it are
many factors not are many factors
but I think there are factors is that
are critical we could mention one by one
from among these criticisms in a way
summed up to a critical point i am
are the two major shortcomings of the
world's population and mostly or
accidental vitamin D deficiency is a something
very important people today are not
exposed to the sun
they live and work in environments
confined not supplementation with vitamin d
the fact that vitamin d have that name
wrong vitamin is because it is much
more than a hormone
people find you will find
vitamin d in food that has
a balanced diet but did not
finish the amount which has the
food should end and whimsy
the result is because of the
change of the population habits
is not because the vitamin D produced in the
leg when you expose one
individual habits postponing changes
fast the population that have occurred in
recent decades but generation
malls in people abandoned parks start using
sunscreen listening to a adding to
plenty of fun in between four
walls in confined environments such as the
internet and videogame is and similar to
today we have nine out of ten
people on disability with planet
vitamin D that is made worse by its own factors
of diet that people gradually
acquired able to diet wrong that
people gradually acquired
along these same decades in
reducing the consumption of greens leaves
raw green that has a reason folate
that vitamin b9 natural as important
to maintain the altered genes that all
we have silent and bb own in
that when forming in the womb
mother he received the genes both
changed both the father and the mother and
he needs natural vitamin b9 to
increase folate to keep silent
these altered genes in such a way that
it does not develop a training with
birth defects and has the
development of optimized brain
so it's important that we
talk numbers I think it's something
objective is not mine and I have
insisted and will avail new this
opportunity you me always offers
all the other should take 10,000
units of vitamin d per day
this is far from a dose
toxic is recognized by all
researchers of this vitamin area d
as a a free dose effects
toxic since that the person has at least 50
kilos there is no problem in
taking 10,000 units of vitamin D per
day and we could not because of the
habits of modern urban modern life to
get this through sun exposure is
virtually impossible right because the
only natural source of vitamin D in the
skin exposure to the sun
the aam then 10 000 units per day is
half the maximum you produce for
a few minutes of sun exposure
so it is very important that we
say that imagine a person who has
fair skin who is young has fur young
is lying in the pool under the sun
strong right with almost all your body
exposed to the sun is able to produce 20
to 25 thousand units of vitamin d then
no one will ever be intoxicated with vitamin
d by sun exposure
are 10,000 units of vitamin d is
half the maximum you produce in ten
minutes of sun exposure
this way without using sunscreen
then and we have observed that mothers
who take 10,000 units of vitamin d
during pregnancy them on rules
give birth to babies who shows the
psychomotor development out of the ordinary
are actually children
I am very hesitant to use this expression
but in this case I have no doubt they
are gifted children we agree
We have beautiful experiences in the office
just as well because as a dose
that nutritionist can not pass
so thank God I have doctors who
can sustain that this dosage and
have seen people things very
interesting that we then
is exchanging experiences
is fabulous a child gestated in the middle
atmosphere where the mother is 10,000 units
International daily of vitamin d
is another child you even one day
can suddenly do not you can not really
do all that we want but it was
very interesting you can see the
difference but still the teacher has
a lot to talk
it is important you dream is not true
then you might think if you're you
need magnesium to activate
vitamin D for you do not
ingest or produce the skin
vitamin D on the inactive form
then the population in the western population
we have 80% of disabled population
magnesium because the foods that are
consumed are foods that is that
foods are rich in magnesium are not
consumed came imagines hissing
if you want to have a baby with
brain development to optimized that
will actually take will show whether
a child It has a potential
emotional cognitive instability
emotional unusual that surprises
the parents
you have to give mainly
vitamin D magnesium proper doses
you have to give up these habits
such as in managing soft
glue that dramatically damaged the
absorption of magnesium you have to have
vegetables in their food vegetables
raw in bringing methyl folate and
vegetables in general already bring a sliver
crowns or no longer bring magnesium
but you can implement magnesia you
can implement magnesium you can
further folate vitamin b9
natural you can take the 10 000
vitamin d units
you should not should not take acid
folic during pregnancy not to
harm including the development
of the child brain and overall health
ah and prevent this child has to
express genes that cause the sam that
cause diseases that cause
congenital malformations
so if we could dream so
with a with that all pregnant women and
follow that this view
is exactly you imagine what would
happen 20 years from now with this
country will be wonderful but you are
here to attend teacher who
left thank god we will be here
we will see a wonderful generation
coming up you are having A paper
fantastic in promoting that this
birth of these perez and people that just
can because this vehicle
communication network new song
've talked to you if I can bring
people like Professor cícero with an
international genius is because here we
can talk about all that our
commitment is to the truth and the truth
will set you free teacher what else I
say today that we will change now the
next generation
good think it's important we talk
about this big problem on
autism explosion will not have to and
all these guidelines we
mentioned in the administration sacked
folate and not folic acid
administration of 10,000 units during
pregnancy effectively prevents the
emergence of born the birth of
autistic children
today there are very clear data
demonstrating that autism optimism is
an autoimmune disease Community industry it can be
even treated with vitamin d in
when we settled
I think one thing a true crime
is not we let so many people with
vitamin deficiency to vaccinate
these children because I am not against
the vaccine only for the vaccine but vaccinate
a population that disability and
efficient and vitamin d that is so
important vitamin D based mental
for you and your immune system
work in your favor and not against you
in so you have a low level of
vitamin D allows you to trigger the
immune system for example through
another time vaccination until a
opposition denies one
there such a virus situation and
bacteria in an infection I wanted to
tell you trigger the system
immune deregulated by a lack of
vitamin immune system to
can attack your own body and
often you notice that sometimes
days after a vaccination the child changes
his behavior and months later is
characterized as having an
autistic behavior is against non
vaccine is to vaccinate without the protection of
vitamin D speaking children it takes we will
leave this mother
a given what the vitamin D dose
for children for example is calculated
per kilogram of weight right we a
generally have suggested that children
at birth right is not being breastfed by mothers
taking adequate doses of vitamin d
that are miguel 10min that chicken
during the entire period of breastfeeding
which has to be kept exactly but
if the child child must receive
it is not the case and even if it would
that is being nursed by the mother who
takes 10,000 units no problem
no she said birth already receive
thousand units are independent of the weight
that it has a tinge thousand by 15
thousand international units per day and
from then when it reaches 10 kilos
of weight it starts to take two thousand
units 15 000 3000 units ie
five kilos more adds
another thousand units
we go for a quick break and
we came back because today Dr.
coimbra will give us the recipe to
have a generation here 20 years
wonderful program and wait for more
health today marking history for all
this new generation what we can
do to improve health
behavior cognition finally change this
generation that I am well even said that
they are having another problem in
school learning right
now is but the endocrinology society that
Brazil launched a documentation and
reported that 20 kg per
deciliter of vitamin blood d is already
considered good
this is half the minimum which is a dock on
its website that the technology company
north American recommended as the minimum
then again pregnant woman what
she needs to do 10,000 units
vitamin d have to take a day
magnesium magnesium supplementation
least 800 milligrams
have to take care of this issue
800 milligrams to for example 500
milligrams of magnesium chloride has only
60 milligrams of magnesium
is then so must be
if a magnesium already capsule has to
look have to note this is not only
a magnesium chloride recipe
on the radio for us is how chloride
magnesium have and have sachets of 33 grams
available in any ordinary drugstore
dirt - cheap $ 10 for seven days of
treatment you put a known content a
sachet one liter of water and 50ml you take
four times a day is a day to be an
American cup or so but will
decide it at the time - it's a little bit
I want it but it's her he
must take before an hour before the
power not to cause diarrhea
is due to reduce the dose
we have recommended that one
take the highest dose of magnesium
can do that it will
include every day always with the
gut every day without having diarrhea
that is not there you that this is what has
been recommended to the literature
because the use of laboratory tests
magnesium do not reflect their need
anne so no use looking exams
lab on the issue of vitamin D if you
take 10 to 10 thousand units per day
people of lower weight as we have 50
fifty-odd kilos may even
spend a little of what the laboratory
considers as normal so in grams per ml
but see search the fishermen have 160
9 grams per ml called up here is a
natural question is not is not
really toxic dose just
above 100 not grams per ml
but if we really say that 20 on the
long but a little more than twenty-
nine grams per ml is the correct dose is
a full right concentration better
off than if they touch by tax 30 is
for people in risk groups is the love
of God people with the risk group is
totally another story right
teacher come is that part
emotional as we may be
showing to the people
especially for these next mothers are
carriers of these super bbc the future
what they need to take care of is the
emotional is critical not have
experiments that are even made with
mice in which you submit both rats
males and females to stress using the
noise that the biggest most stressor
mice for rats and after
subjecting them to a period where a high
noise level you put these animals to
mate and you see that the offspring is born
with several various malformations
congenital conclusion is the father of stress
is the mother's stress that you
alter the genetics of shirts of
performances brothers and egg and bringing
those that child then not having to
silence their altered genes because
stress takes but from what we
could say it's just so the
public could understand right we have the
ability if we have methyl folate
natural vitamin b9 and is not the acid
folic not acid folic our body
has the ability to place as
were tape strips in the mouth of
nice they are changed so that they
do not express causing things like
congenital malformations to the same
thing happens during pregnancy if
you have a couple who are in discussions
frequently keeping with the mother
maintaining a high level of stress you
unfairly prejudice the system and
genetic silencing of genes
altered the bbi and bb so much need
of gene silencing right and you
would change the development of the baby
brain development you predict
we saw early in pregnancy you will
cause congenital malformations by
pure emotional stress so the mother
needs peace she needs a balanced emotional
throughout pregnancy to give
the allus is a healthy child
emotionally balanced with great
optimized brain development is not
beyond all factors with vitamin d
magnesium issue folate we
need an emotional well
balanced during pregnancy and today
as everybody's stressed
think today is the enemy is a number
all because they do not have a disease
autoimmune I take the office
that I will make an assessment it does not
It has so aroused after stress
yes that was published in more than six
thousand scientific life events articles
and stressful precede the appearance the
autoimmune disease outbreaks including
multiple sclerosis is then that in
fact is one thing an already critical factor
it affects their genetic it affects
behavior of your immune system
it favors the emergence of diseases
italy autoimmune is this going
black with a pregnant woman who is going
through all this stress thousand situations
but whether it is making use of issue
folate melt finally mine magnesium
it can help this baby to start
some young people by stress
the undoubtedly heavy inclusive is
important to remember that it is magnesium is a
factor of let's say a
very important emotional stabilization
is that magnesium reticence and produces
depression and hyper real activity
emotional about the problems that
you face cognitive impairment that
leads you have difficult to take
forward decisions to stressful situations
so I can even say it by
experience itself doses such that
we recommended magnesium 800
milligrams of magnesium daily food
fractionated into four doses giving to
you one tranquility in coping
their big problems I'm
wrong when I say so nutrient of
intelligence our emotions without
doubt if completely why
I love this footprint program teacher
process here to steal Professor
Coimbra several times more health by
radio that we are close to where
he's he promised he will get
time for us please and last
considerations there his
deeply the opportunity is here

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