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Vitamin D is the real Multiple Sclerosis Therapy, not an alternative therapy – Coimbra July 2018

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Multiple Sclerosis and (lots of) Vitamin D - book by patient on Coimbra protocol - Feb 2016 contains protocol description
Vitamin D Protocol used by Dr. Coimbra for Multiple Sclerosis etc.
Snips as of April 2016 http://www.vitamindprotocol.com/dr.-coimbra-s-ms-protocol.html

  • 1,000 IU's vitamin D per kilogram as a first approximation
    (apparently increased/decreased depending of resulting vitamin D blood level)
  • Vitamin B2, magnesium glycinate, boron, chromium picolinate, Omega 3 DHA, Zinc, Methylcobalamin form of B12, Choline, etc.
  • Lack of B12 may affect 10%–15% of the general population and may be the most prevalent genetic risk factor for several human diseases
  • Discontinue eating or drinking dairy products or calcium enriched foods or beverages, also no Ca supplements
  • Drink as least 2.5 liters [85 ounces] of fluids, preferably water
  • Required Tests:​ Vitamin D, Parathyroid, Blood calcium, urinary calcium

Automated Transcript (messes up some words, does not notice sentences)
I'm a Brazilian neurologist
I have been treating patients with high doses of vitamin D the so called Coimbra protocol is a protocol that was developed to treat the cause of autoimmune disorders so all patients with any other autoimmune disorder they all have a disturbed deregulated unregulated - immune system so the protocol is was developed to regulate the immune system so by regulating the immune system you can treat any autoimmune disorder patients that have who have autoimmune disorders they have what we used to call polymorphic changes affecting certain genes that are related to vitamin D metabolism we call the snips or single nucleotide polymorphisms that causes resistance to the effects of vitamin D including the effects of vitamin D in the immune system on the immune system so we develop a way of increasing the dose exactly to the poetry that matches the resistance so the effect of the resistance is abolished although the resistance is still there

But you see we avoid the genetic problem related to that like 95% of our MS patients for instance they go back to a normal life especially if they have not developed disabilities for a long time for instance if they start the protocol taking high doses of vitamin D under this the guidance of physicians that train in the physician they go back to a normal life they don't they can recover from recent disabilities we are just about to get into a new period of time in which physicians will look for the cause of diseases will try to call to treat call the cause of diseases and not the effect of diseases

Because if you treat the effect of diseases the remain sick throughout their lives
That's the that's what you see in any Autoimmune Disorders by using a conventional therapy

I don't think that this is an alternative therapy I think that it's the real therapy and it's been so effective that it's being spread out by so many patients in the Facebook pages but I remember that by January 2000 2017 there were like web pages Facebook ages in like 13 language languages different languages

Coimbra Protocol

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