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Diabetes - video and books


Type 1
J Wright Video Aug 2010 approx 5 minutes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5BwO5iw7Xk
2000 IU to children with no overdose and ended up with 80% less Type 1 diabetes
But Finland was influenced by US and lowered from 2000 to 1000 (unconfirmed)
2nd experiment used Cod liver oil - which reduced Type 1 by 50%

Vitamin D and Diabetes-Can We Prevent it?

Feb 2009 UCDTV 48 minutes excellent - we also have the PDF from Grassrootshealth

Dr. Zaidi -Vitamin D & Diabetes 2010 (author of books on diabetes and vitamin D


Take Charge of Your Diabetes 2007 book with lots of vitamin D information

Sarfraz Zaidi MD later wrote excellent book just on Vitamin D
Amazon - power of Vitamin D
which is reviewed on the vitamin D wiki - PDF version of the book is available from author for just $5

Diabetes Rising

Book by Dan Hurley – a medical reporter who has Type I diabetes Jan 2010
Amazonallows you to look inside of the book
Forward by the Editor of the Journal of Diabetes. Following notes by Henry Lahore March 2010
Part two of his book explores possible reasons that Diabetes is occurring more often in recent decades.
(The increase can be due to more than a single cause)
Hypothesis: weight gain
Hypothesis: cow’s milk
Hypothesis: persistent organic pollutants
Hypothesis: Too little sunshine
Hypothesis: Too clean

Diabetes - video and books        
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