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COVID-19 precautions made 2020 the year without the flu - what about 2021

Covid-19 Meant a Year Without the Flu. That’s Not All Good News Wired March 19, 2021

Both COVID-19 and influenza appear to be spread thru the air
People who catch each of them them have not had that strain/mutation before

Strong possibility - that Fall 2021 flu will be worse than Fall 2019 as there will be many infants who have not had influenza before

But "Rhinoviruses—the “common cold”—and respiratory adenoviruses have continued to circulate this year."
Perhaps because Rhinoviruses are spread by contact, rather than inhallation as with COVID-19

Note: Influenza has been proven to be both prevented and treated by Vitamin D

Flu has the following

Vitamin D fights all phases of Influenza

Overview Colds and flu and Vitamin D

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