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Healthy pigs get at least 2 X more vitamin D than the govt recommends

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7 Are vitamin D levels adequate?
“Additionally, it is well known that vitamin D plays a crucial role in calcium absorption, homeostasis, and bone formation, but it is also involved in the immune system. Within human literature, it is suggested that higher vitamin D levels are associated with a decreased risk of pelvic floor disorders. A 2014 survey by the USA swine industry reported a range of 1,100-2,222 IU/kg in gestation and lactation diets fed, while NRC (2012) recommends 800 IU/kg”

  • Most farm vets have learned the amount of vitamin D to keep the animals healthy.
  • The amount given is often 3X more than the govt recommends
  • Note: Doctors of animals (vets) are paid for to maintain health
       Doctors of humans are paid to restore health, not maintain it
    • A lot more vitamin D is needed to maintain health
  • Note: kg is sometimes kg of animal weight and sometimes kg of feed

Vitamin D and pigs – in VitaminDWiki

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