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Just mark your calendar for vitamin D days

Could be once a week, once every few days, or even once every two weeks.
(Studies found no difference in disease prevention for vitamin D being taken daily or monthly)

Example: say you wanted to average 4,000 IU/day.

Could just take a 50,000 IU dose every 12 days - rounded up to being 2 weeks to make it easy to mark on the calendar
When you have taken the supplement, just strike a line thru the D or the dot

Note from Henry Lahore - admin of VitaminDWiki

I had struggled with remembering to take supplements for decades – and still have not gotten into the habit.
I had always failed to remember to take supplements on a daily basis.
I now take a 50,000 IU dose every 5 days (10,000 IU/day average)

Here is what D days might look like on a variety of monthly calendars

D days on your calendar

Similarly: could mark D days on paper calendars which are daily, weekly or annual; as well as electronic calendars

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