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Vitamin D WOW facts

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  1.   Over 20,000 people are being cured of Multiple Sclerosis by high-dose Vitamin D
  2.   Vitamin D is the largest selling supplement in the United States
  3.   Vitamin D is the only supplement provided to US astronauts
  4.   Vitamin D hammer (50,000 IU) stops influenza in 3 days
  5.   4X less vitamin D is produced by your skin if over the age of 60
  6.   There are 40 reasons why you can have low Vitamin D
  7.    95% of people do not have a good level of vitamin D
    •   Note: Most govts consider levels which are less than good to be adequate
  8.   The US FDA now allows manufactures to claim that Vitamin D improves pregnancies
  9.   The EU now allows manufacturers to claim that Vitamin D stops respiratory infections
  10.   50X reduction in rickets when one country gave Vitamin D to all of their children
  11.   40 health problems have been proven to be treated by Vitamin D - 50,000 IU weekly
  12.   22 health problems related to low vitamin D have doubled in a decade
  13.   The top 10 health problems of women are all associated with low vitamin D
  14.    Many studies have found that both Colds and flu are prevented and treated by Vitamin D
  15.   It is likely that Vitamin D could have prevented many deaths in the Spanish Flu
  16.   Heart attack ICU costs cut in half by Vitamin D
  17.   ICU cost reduced by $27,000 with Vitamin D
  18.   18 fewer hospital days) if Vitamin D while ventilated in ICU
  19.   Ventilator-associated pneumonia deaths cut in half by Vitamin D
  20.    4X less like to die from hip fracture if add Vitamin D and exercise

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Vitamin D WOW facts        
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