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Suicides are now the 2nd largest cause of death for age 10-35 (perhaps low Vitamin D) – May 2018

  • “What we find nationwide is that over the last decade, the numbers of kids being admitted or seeking help in the emergency department or hospital for suicidal ideation or attempts have dramatically increased,”
  • “In fact, over the study period, the proportion of emergency room and hospital encounters for these suicide-related diagnoses almost tripled, from 0.66 percent in 2008 to 1.82 percent in 2015”
  • “In the new study, the researchers noted a strong temporal relationship between the school year and the frequency of the encounters for suicidal thoughts or actions; the rate dropped sharply in the summer,…”
    • Note below: A hint that suicide in ages 10-35 might be due to low Vitamin D.
    • Vitamin D levels rise in the summer.
    • Note also - people aged 19-35 rarely go to school, but still have less suicide in the summer

 Download the NYT PDF from VitaminDWiki

Youth suicide rates are rising. School and the Internet may be to blame. USA Today

They speculate Internet ==> Suicide
VitaminDWiki speculates Internet etc ==>Low sunshine ==> low Vitamin D ==> Suicide

Hospitalization for Suicide Ideation or Attempt: 2008–2015 Pediatics Journal May 2018

DOI: 10.1542/peds.2017-2426
 Download the PDF from Sci-Hub via VitaminDWiki

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Suicide associated with low vitamin D - many studies__ starts with

7 Hints that suicide is associated with low vitamin D:

Omega-3 also reduces depression - wonder if Omega-3 also reduces suicide

Omega-3 and Suicide on the web

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