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Depression in University students proportional to degree of Vitamin D deficiency (39 countries) – July 2019

A study investigating the association between vitamin D and depression among university students in 39 countries.

Biomedical Research 2019; 30 (4): 655-659
Dania Abdul Razzak Kouider1, Nageeb Abdul Galil Hassan1, Yaser Mohammed Al-Worafi1’2*
1College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Ajman University, Ajman, UAE 2College of Pharmacy, University of Science and Technology of Fujairah, Fujairah, UAE


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"Students with severe depression had more vitamin d deficiency (67.1%) than others (32.9%)."

Objectives: The aim of this study was to explore the association between vitamin D deficiency and depression among university students and to identify the factors affecting this association.

Methodology: A cross-sectional study was conducted between 1st January and end of March 2017 among university students from 39 different countries.

Results: 699 students were participated in this study. The findings of this study found that 270 students (38.6%) had vitamin D deficiency with level less than 20. The findings of this study found that majority of students (99.9%) in this study had depression. The findings of this study found that there was no association between depression and vitamin D depression (p value=0.386). The findings of this study shows that there was a significant difference between the severe groups of depression and other classes in terms of prevalence of vitamin D deficiency (p value=0.000).

Conclusion: The current study shows that there was no association between vitamin D deficiency and depression. On the other hand, there were significant associations between the severity of depression and vitamin D deficiency. Lack of sun exposure; diet and financial factors were the causes of vitamin D deficiency in this study. Further studies are highly recommended to investigate the causes of depression among students.

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