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Physicians Desk Reference still only lists D2, but not Vitamin D3 – Feb 2022

Vitamin D2 in Physicians Desk Reference

And, even the Vitamin D2 information is seriously out of date

Examples of out-of-date statements:

  • To restore a deficiency to use 50,000 IU of D2 weekly for 6 weeks – WITH NO FOLLOW-ON maintenance dose
    Note D2 daily is about 5X less effective than D3 daily
  • For the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis: 800 IU
  • For the prevention of premenstrual syndrome: 700 IU
  • “Ergocalciferol is contraindicated in patients with malabsorption syndrome”
    However, a gut-friendly form of Vitamin D3 works well
  • “Ergocalciferol (Vitamin D2) is classified as FDA pregnancy risk category C”
  • “The recommended maternal daily allowance of vitamin D during breast-feeding is 600 International Units/day”
  • “Magnesium-containing drug products and magnesium salts should be used cautiously in patients receiving vitamin D.”
    Actually, Magnesium is a great Vitamin D3 cofactor
  • No mention appears to be made of other forms: Topical. Sublingual. Injection, gut-friendly

Vitamin D3 instead of D2 category in VitaminDWiki starts with

Some of the 103 items

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