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Perhaps 3X more likely to catch COVID-19 in a group (church) in Nov 2021 than Nov 2020

1) Many people are vaccinated now and are no longer wearing masks nor social distancing

2) Fully Vaccinated Are COVID 'Superspreaders,' says Inventor of mRNA Technology - Oct 13, 2021

3) Vaccine effectiveness drops below 30% after 9 months
    Vaccination effectiveness dropped from 83 percent to ZERO after 9 months (Sweden, preprint) – Oct 2021
    Vaccine effectiveness may drop to only 16% in 6 months if time between jabs was only 3 weeks – July 2021

4) Vaccinated are infectious for 3X longer than unvaccinated

5) Delta mutation is 2X more contagious than previous versions CDC

Perhaps people being near vaccinated children 5-11 will be 3X more likely to get COVID-19 than before

This assumes that vaccinated children will have similar increases to that of vaccinated adults

COVID-19 treated by Vitamin D - studies, reports, videos

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A few more items on COVID-19 and Vitamin D

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