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Only takes 10 minutes of sun to make a month’s worth of vitamin D while wearing the Hijab (NOT) Oct 2014

It is truely amazing what women in the Middle East are being told.

From Hijabi Sisters, Vitamin D deficiency and weight loss.

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But it only takes 10 minutes of sun exposure to manufacture a month’s worth of vitamin D, and the Hijab can by no means block this benefit. It’s easy to get the necessary amount simply by taking a short walk at lunchtime with your Hijab or simply stand in the balcony, also with your Hijab, for 10 minutes.
Author Faraz Omar

See instead VitaminDWiki


  1. Air conditioning - to avoid the hot sun ME
  2. Increased use of multi-media indoors
  3. More indoor jobs - more office workers, fewer farmers ME
  4. Living in cities more ME
  5. Want whiter skin - especially women ME
  6. Fear skin cancer
  7. Cholesterol reduced
  8. More Obesity
  9. Soft drink cola
  10. Meat from factory farms
  11. Some drugs consume or block vitamin D
  12. increased use of polyunsaturated fats
  13. More windows which appear to destroy vitamin D
    Other than sun
  14. Eat less liver - which used to have very large amounts of vitamin D ME
    Unsure how the meat was killed
  15. Less Magnesium in foods
  16. More Seniors
  17. Excessive clothing (burka) ME
    Note: Women in ME have much less vitamin D than men
  18. Have a condition which Consumes vitamin D
  19. Have a condition which Prevents Adsorption in the gut
  20. Have a condition which Prevents Conversion to active form
  21. Have a condition which requires more vitamin D
  22. Lactose Intolerance or Vegan
  23. Health reasons to avoid sun
  24. Work long hours or night shift
  25. Live far from equator NOT ME
  26. DDT in bodies reduce the vitamin D
  27. Myths about vitamin D
  28. Dark Skin ME
  29. Use vitamin D2 avoiding D3 from wool and gelatin typically made from animals ME
    Note: D2 is known to have less benefit than D3, and it may actually DECREASE D3 levels
    Note: As of 2012 many companies make Kosher/Vegan Vitamin D3
    Note: Vegi-caps do exist
  30. Lack vitamin D fortification of food and drinks ME

Details on above list are HERE

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