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Neighborhoods with more trees are healthier (vitamin D not mentioned) – July 2015

Living Near A Lot Of Trees Makes You Feel 7 Years Younger (And $10,000 Richer)

  • ”. . living on a street with 10 more trees than average (both on the street and in people's yards) makes you feel as healthy as if you were seven years younger”
  • ” The more trees on a block, the less likely people are to be obese or have diabetes or heart disease
    Note by VitaminDWiki – all of these diseases are associated with low vitamin D
  • "One could guess that reduction of pollution, relieving stress, restoration of directed attention, and promoting more physical exercise could be among the possible ways trees benefit health, based on other research," says Kardan.

From study: Neighborhood greenspace and health in a large urban center

  • Toronto with 530,000 trees on streets. Study adds backyard trees.


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VitaminDWiki believes: More trees ==> get outdoors more ==> more vitamin D ==> healthier

View from my house to the West and to the North

Image Image

Also: three times weekly: tandem bike 1 hour, 1/2 hour sunbathing/nap (summer only)

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Prescription: A walk in the park to improve your health (ParkRX) - May 2014
Disadvantaged get less sun and have poor health in the North– Aug 2011 Disadvantaged have less access to parks
60 minutes of sunlight needed to decrease vitamin D deficiency in sunny climate – Dec 2012
Seniors who bike or garden have higher levels of vitamin D – April 2014
Why do gardeners live longer (vitamin D, etc.)
Community dwelling seniors got vitamin D when outdoors gardening or biking – April 2013
Hip fractures reduced 2X to 6X with just 10 minutes of sunlight daily – RCT 2003-2010
20 cent vitamin D pill similar to 2 hours sunbathing at 60 degree latitude – RCT Aug 2013
Hypothesis of cause and effect of vitamin D deficiency following chart was started 4 years ago
Less Sun Less D Less Health

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