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Graphic warnings on cigarette packages in 118 countries, US FDA trying again – Aug 2019

F.D.A. Issues New Images to Add to Warnings on Cigarette Packages - NYT Aug 2019

 Download the NYT PDF from VitaminDWiki
Big tobacco had more money than the US FDA
Big tobaccos was not successful in many other countries

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Smoking reduces vitamin D contains the following


Two pathways are often proposed for how smoking decreases vitamin D:
   1) Smoking decreases Calcium. and Vitamin D is used up in replacing the Calcium
   2) Smoking injures the body, and vitamin D is used up in repairing the body
It appears that taking Vitamin D while smoking will:
   1) Decrease the incidence of the many health problems associated with smoking - even lung cancer
   2) Decrease the desire to smoke (take fewer smoking breaks?)
   3) Increase breathing capacity
Opinion: If unable to stop smoking,
  or a previous smoker,
     or getting 2nd hand smoke,
         please start Vitamin D and perhaps Omega-3 (decrease depression, inflamation)

Vitamin D should help people quit smoking   See bottom of page Smoking reduces vitamin D
   1) Reduces associated weight gain
   2) Reduces associated depression
A $1 tax on each cigarette would just pay for the additional costs imposed on society
240 Billion cigarettes sold a year in the US in 2016
Additional US costs due to smoking = $300 Billion health, productivity

Canadian Cancer Society summary of global cigarette warnings

Sample of warnings outside of the US
 Download the Canadain PDF from VitaminDWiki

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