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EUA quickly written for one COVID treatment, EUA might be possible for Vitamin D - Dec 30, 2021

FDA requires very little documentation and can quickly decide in emergencies such as COVID
The principal investigator wrote an application for Emergency Use of Fluvoxamine for SARS-COV-2 in 4 days
  VitaminDWiki has requested a copy of his application and tips on how to communicate with the FDA
The FDA gave the EUA about a week later I had misread the WSJ article, it has not been approved (yet)
It appears that EUAs must specify:
   Dose size,
  Dosing interval
   When it is taken (before or after entering the hospital, for example)
  How it is taken: Oral, injection, topical

The FDA gives EUAs for Food, Drugs, Chemicals or Devices - but not supplements
Perhaps the FDA could give a EUA for Vitamin D (Which has been used for food fortification)

The FDA could also issue a EUA for semi-activated Vitamin D = Calcidiol = Calcifediol =25(OH)D
   which is a prescribed (high profit) drug in the US

Reported by:  Wall St Journal PDF    Trial Site News PDF   Medpage PDF

 FDA EUA Guidelines  FDA EUA page

Ranking of Early Treatments of COVID


Note: Vitamin D appears to be even better for prophylaxis (prevention) than early treatment
   but there is a lot more data for early treatment

Note: It appears that high-dose Vitamin D is the only way to quickly improve the immune system



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Summary of data of Vitamin D fighting COVID (2 forms)

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Vitamin D, Zinc, Ivermectin, and Fluvoxamine are on Essential Medicines List of the World Health Organization

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