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D Minder Vitamin D status - based on exposure to sunlight

Comments by Henry Lahore, admin of VitaminDWiki Dec 2013

D Minder "appears" to perpetuate the mistake of showing the amount of vitamin D one would get with UVB from all directions (such as in a tanning bed).
This is about 2X more than what one would get from the unidirectional sun - which does not illuminate all sides of your body at the same time.

It makes no compensation for the amount of vitamin D from the sun vs time of day
It shows the same amount of vitamin D for 20 minutes at noon as 20 minutes just before 3 PM
   while UVB is actually about 45% less at 3PM, and there is a huge amount more of UVA

D Minder sharply cuts off Vitamin D at Oct 22 for my location (Seattle)
whereas in reality vitamin D gradually changes during the year, and not at a single date.

I entered Ecuador as a location (with high altitude and near the equator)
D Minder says that a person would get 8,000 IU in 30 minutes at 9 AM with only 10% of skin exposed, (born 1946)

Update Jan 2014 They appear to have eliminated the ability to specify where you are located Update May 2016 No change in amount of vitamin D generated when I changed birth date from 1946 to 1996

D Minder does not allow calculation with amount of skin exposed of < 5% = burka, etc.

D Minder has an error in that it shows amount of vitamin D two days ago as being 0 IU - independent of age, altitude, etc

It is difficult to tell D Minder the amount vitamin D from the sun which you had gotten on a vacation

Doubt that it makes the correct calculation for obesity, as it only enters weight.
   Vitamin D is apparently stored far more in fat than in muscle.

D Minder does not account for lying down vs. standing up (a 2X - 4X difference)


Vitamin D Pro based on Vitamin D, PTH, and Calcium tests - not food nor sun intake

New - Feb 2014, $1.99
• Analyzes and graphs current vitamin D levels
• Graphs all vitamin D levels over time to see trends
• Calculates your overall vitamin D health
• Analyzes your overall calcium health
• Analyzes and graphs vitamin D vs. calcium
• Analyzes and graphs calcium vs. parathyroid hormone
• Analyzes your parathyroid gland function
• Calculates and graphs chance of primary hyperparathyroidism
• Calculates and graphs chance of secondary hyperparathyroidism
• Calculates and graphs chance of pure vitamin D deficiency
• Analyzes and graphs bone density and osteoporosis
• Graphs bone density (osteoporosis) over time to see trends
• Teaches you how to interpret your data and graphs
• Gives personalized suggestions for next steps
• Suggests what new blood tests may be necessary
• Gives topics to discuss with your doctor
• Suggests vitamin D products personalized to your data
• Link to Amazon store for vitamin D products just for you
• Learning Center has dozens of excellent articles
• Made by doctors who are experts in vitamin D / calcium
Requires IOS 6.1, which does not run on my old iPad, so I was unable to buy and try it.

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