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Zika detected in tears, semen, breast milk, blood, urine, saliva, etc. – Sept 2016

Zika’s persistence in the eye may play a role in spreading the virus, study finds Washington Post

  • “In a study published Tuesday in Cell Reports, researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis describe the effect of Zika virus infections in the eyes of mouse fetuses, newborns and adults.”
  • “|Researchers have detected Zika virus in blood, urine, semen, saliva and breast milk. It has also been found in genital tract swabs and fluid inside the eye, health officials have said.”
  • “What researchers don’t know is whether in mice “there is a point where tears are actually infectious,””
  • “Unlike other parts of the body, the eye is a place where the normal immune response is suppressed.”
  • “Hepatitis C virus, a related virus, can infect the human cornea and is transmitted by corneal transplants, the study said. The study pointed out that eye banks may need to start testing corneas for Zika virus as well.”

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