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March of Dimes Zika survey – many have of heard of it, few know what to do -Sept 2016

March of Dimes Survey

2,379 Americans - from all 50 states & DC, but not Puerto Rico
Note: I expect far higher % for those Americans in potential Zika areas
Sampling error is +/ 3.2 percentage points
Survey in Aug and previous Survey in March

  • 95% have heard about Zika
  • < 25% very confident in the federal government being able to respond to a Zika
  • 61% moderately worried that the country will see a large number of Zika infections in the next year
  • 68% of 18-40 year olds recognize the need to delay pregnancy when a woman lives in a Zika-affected area,
  • >90% correctly state that a person can be infected if bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus
  • >80% aware that Zika is linked to birth defects in babies born to infected mothers.

Zika awarenss


Spread - not even asked about personal repellent, on clothes,


Not aware of many major symptoms


Wide range in both source and trust in Zika information


What ALL Americans are doing, not just those in Zika areas

 Download the Survey summary from VitaminDWiki

 Download the Survey details from VitaminDWiki

Review of this study in Scientific American blog - Sept 2016

There's Plenty Americans Still Don't Know about Zika

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