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When to take Vitamin D

Take vitamin D before/during largest meal of the day
Daily is best, but twice a month is OK
You could put all of the VItamin D to be taken for the month in a container
Near end of the month - take more than one daily so as to empty the container

Take Vitamin D with largest meal of the day

It appears that Vitamin D is absorbed at all locations in the small intestine
Where are Nutrients Absorbed? May 2008

Apparently the stomach takes longer to release food after a big meal.
Wonder if there is a longer transit time in the small intestine after a big meal - and thus more time to get the vitamin D.
It would seem that this would be true of other supplements/drugs as well.

Take Vitamin D with a diet which has the proper types of fats (Omega-3)

High poly-fat meal, raised vitamin D, low fat, lowered D – Dec 2011
Increasing the ratio of mono to poly fats increased Vitamin D levels by 6 ng – RCT Aug 2011

Amount of fats in the meal does not seem to matter much

Vitamin D 30 percent more available at breakfast which had high fat content – Nov 2014
No long term differences in vitamin D levels with amount of fat in breakfast – Feb 2013

Avoid late night vitamin D- changes your wake/sleep pattern

Perhaps not take vitamin D in the evening

See also VitaminDWiki


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