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Vitamin D presentation by Dr. Holick Spring 2012

Vitamin D Solution – Holick 2010 he is one of the top 5 researchers, pretty good, many libraries have the book
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  • Schizophrenia is one of the many diseases Dr. Holick believes can be prevented with vitamin D
  • Vitamin D test is the most ordered blood test in the US {2011?}
  • Is your infant vitamin D deficient? Best symptom = head sweating at night
    Note: there are many other possible causes for head sweating
  • 750,000 pet reptiles purchased in the US annually – majority do not get vitamin D
    Holick bought a $40 UVB bulb for his daughter’s pet iguana
  • Komono dragons given to US were kept behind windows were not fertile (no vitamin D)
    After getting UVB they became fertile Vet and Vitamin D
  • Indians and Pakistani (dark skin) need 3X-5X as much UVB to make as much vitamin D. See also: Middle East and low Vitamin D
  • 70% reduction in the ability of 70 year-olds to make vitamin D from the sun
  • Toxicity not a worry until > 150 nanograms
  • IoM error disagreed with the author of the study
    IoM said 20 ng, should have been 30 nanograms
  • Even with failed kidney a person can still take vitamin D
    Vitamin D is also converted in other parts of the body
    Holick typically gives 50,000 IU weekly for 8 weeks as a loading dose
  • Every tissue in the body has a vitamin D receptor – must be for some reason
  • Higher latitude ==> higher blood pressure
  • People who work in the sun have LESS melanoma {Perhaps because they do not get sunburn}
  • Melanoma occurs on the LEAST exposed portions of the skin
  • Should not treat patients with the active form of vitamin D (for example if they have Kidney failure)
    It has a half life of only 4 hours
    It actually lowers the level of vitamin D in the blood ( by making it water soluble)

Dr. Holick did not mention in this video

People may not continue with a change (supplement vitamin D) if they lack immediate positive feedback

The positive feedback resulting in pain reduction, far fewer cold/flu, etc does not appear to start until >2,000 IU daily

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  • 7 Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency NOT to Ignore Natural News, March 2016
    "1. Sweaty Head – Yes, you heard that right! If your head often sweats for no apparent reason, this is a classic sign of low D. In fact, this particular symptom is the way pediatricians can tell if a newborn may have a vitmain D deficiency."

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