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Vitamin D Videos of workshops in Greece – 2017, 2018

Videos of First Vitamin D workshop in Greece– Aug 2017

All presentations appear to be in English

PersonTitle, number of views as of April 20, 2018
Kalliopi Kotsa Opening Remarks 367
Asterios Karagiannis Opening Remarks 233
P. Zebekakis Welcome Address 201
K. Kotsa Vitamin D and Diabetes 316
A. Margioris Vitamin D and Athletic Performance 227
E. Castanas Extranuclear Vitamin D actions 179
D. Naughton Advanced assays for multiple... 328
H .Fakhoury - Hajeer Vitamin D deficiency... 204
M. Yavropoulou Vitamin D and Musculoskeletal Disorders 634
D. Gezen A. The effect of vitamin D receptors... 284
K. Toulis Vitamin D and Thyroid disorders 173
S. Karras Adiponectin and vitamin D-binding... 234
C. Annweiler Vitamin D and neurocognition... 210
E. Dursun Vitamin D basis of Alzheimer's disease:
   from genetics to biomarkers 953
F. Perez Lopez Vitamin D status in pregnancy:... 200
W. Grant Changing the paradigm by designing Vitamin D RCTs
based primarily on 25(OH) concentrations 173

2nd EuroMediterranean Vitamin D workshop held in August 2018, in Thessaloniki, Greece 19 videos

Note: EuroMediterranean workshop is much better than the Workshop which alternates between the US and Europe
The EuroMediterranean one has videos on the web. The other one does not permit videos and the papers which are published a year later hide behind paywalls

See also Videos in VitaminDWiki

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