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Prevent Osteoporosis and Have Strong Bones - book 2013


Very good reviews
The founder of VitaminDWiki is very impressed with her excellent publications on Boron and Vitamin D
Unaware that the author, Lara Pizzorno, has a poor Vitamin D Receptor

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The risk of 44 diseases at least double with poor Vitamin D Receptor as of Oct 2019
   Osteoporosis is 2.8 X more likely if also have COPD
Vitamin D Receptor Activation can be increased by any of:
Resveratrol, Omega-3, Magnesium, Zinc, non-daily Vitamin D dosing, and perhaps Boron
   Note: The founder of VitaminDWiki uses 10 of the 12 known VDR activators

Overview Osteoporosis and vitamin D contains the following summary

  • FACT: Bones need Calcium (this has been known for a very long time)
  • FACT: Vitamin D improves Calcium bioavailability (3X ?)
  • FACT: Should not take > 750 mg of Calcium if taking lots of vitamin D (Calcium becomes too bio-available)
  • FACT: Adding vitamin D via Sun, UV, or supplements increased vitamin D in the blood
  • FACT: Vitamin D supplements are very low cost
  • FACT: Many trials, studies. reviews, and meta-analysis agree: adding vitamin D reduces osteoporosis
  • FACT: Toxic level of vitamin D is about 4X higher than the amount needed to reduce osteoporosis
  • FACT: Co-factors help build bones.
  • FACT: Vitamin D Receptor can restrict Vitamin D from getting to many tissues, such as bones
  • It appears that to TREAT Osteoporosis:
  •        Calcium OR vitamin D is ok
  •        Calcium + vitamin D is good
  •        Calcium + vitamin D + other co-factors is great
  •        Low-cost Vitamin D Receptor activators sometimes may be helpful
  • CONCLUSION: To PREVENT many diseases, including Osteoporosis, as well as TREAT Osteoporosis
  • Category Osteoporosis has 217 items
  • Category Bone Health has 308 items

Note: Osteoporosis causes bones to become fragile and prone to fracture
  Osteoarthritis is a disease where damage occurs to the joints at the end of the bones

Osteoporosis category includes the following

Your Bones: How You Can Prevent Osteoporosis and Have Strong Bones for Life―Naturally Amazon
Updated and expanded over the hardback edition of 2011

She also co-aithored:
The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods May 8, 2010,
Natural Medicine Instructions for Patients Paperback – August 20, 2002

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Lara Pizzorno Shares Her Personal Story Includes video - April 2015
Lara Pizzorno is the author of “Your Bones: How You Can Prevent Osteoporosis and Have Strong Bones for Life – Naturally” and a member of the American Medical Writers Association with 29 years of experience specializing in bone health.

In this 3 part video series, Lara reveals her personal story, what she learnt from being diagnosed (video 2) and her latest DEXA scan results (video 3) . Watch the video below (or read the transcript provided) and see you in the comments below.
- - - - - -
Hello, my name is Lara Pizzorno. I’m the author of “Your Bones” and I am here to share information with you that I hope will help you to have healthier bones.

A number of people wrote in and asked about my personal story.

Why was I passionate about this?

Why did I write “Your Bones”?

In this series of videos, I am sharing with you my personal life experience and what got me interested into this.

I know the information I present in “Your Bones” and share with you here on AlgaeCal’s website can help you. Not only avoid osteoporosis, but reverse it and maintain a healthy, strong and erect skeleton.

I know this because for 30 years, I have read and continue to read everyday the breaking research in the peer-reviewed medical literature about the latest scientific discoveries on bone remodeling and bone health.

I also know it deep down at the most personal level. I know it because of what happened to all the generations of women in my family and to me personally.

Every woman I know about in my family from my great grandmother on down, developed osteoporosis and this disease took them from us much earlier than was necessary.

By the time I was in my early 40’s, well before menopause, I was increasingly osteopenic even though I had a very healthy diet and lifestyle. I was still unaware of some genetically inherited risks that were robbing me of my bones.

Now we can easily test for these and the best news of all, we can correct for them with simple inexpensive nutritional supplements and other natural therapies. I was very lucky. My husband, Dr. Joe Pizzorno, is the founding president of the world’s more highly respected and fully federally accredited university of natural medicine. It’s called Bastyr University and it’s in Seattle, Washington where we live. For more than 40 years, he has been a key leader in the development of science-based natural and integrative medicine worldwide.

So back almost 26 years ago now, we knew the physician researchers who were on the cutting edge of genetic testing development and we had access to these tests when they first became available.

We learned why I was losing bone and what to do.

To not only to make up for my primary genetic susceptibilities, which began to turn things around for me, but over the next 15 years,

we figured out how to supply my bones with everything that everyone’s bones, not just mine but everybody’s bones, need to rebuild and stay strong.

Today I have great bones and trust me, I am the poster child for osteoporosis. My genetics have given me so many things that increase my susceptibility to bones loss, it’s as if the universe set me up to figure it out or die and if I was able to beat osteoporosis, I promise that any one can.

Not only do I have most all of the common risk factors for osteoporosis,

  • I’m small,
  • I’m light weight,
  • I’m Caucasian,
  • I inherited a Vitamin D receptor that doesn’t work very well.
    So I have a very hard time absorbing vitamin D.
  • I live in Seattle where the rain festival runs from October thru September,
  • my stomach used to be antsy.

We found out that I, like 50% of the people in the US or maybe even more, had an infection with Helicobacter Pylori. This is a widespread bacterium which, if the infection is bad enough, causes ulcers, but if it’s not as severe, it just causes frequent bloating, indigestion, and disrupts our ability to absorb nutrients such as calcium.

Plus I wasn’t consuming enough calcium or magnesium or boron or trace minerals or vitamin C and I could go on and on. Back then, we didn’t know enough about vitamin K2, which I certainly also was not getting. Plus later we found out that I don’t activate some of the B vitamins very well and it’s only in their active forms that the B vitamins do their work for us. Nor does my body do even a mediocre job of converting beta keratin into vitamin A. I could go on and on, trust me.

The point of sharing all of this with you is to encourage you. You will certainly have your own personal reasons why you have been losing too much bone or are at risk for bone loss. They will likely not be the same as mine. Your bones contain several hundred pages worth of reasons we can lose too much bone. You can determine what’s causing your bone loss and you can fix it. If I can beat this, so can you.

You too can have strong healthy bones for your entire life.

It still makes me very sad to know that if I only had the knowledge that I have now when my grandmother, mother, and my very dear Aunt Gert, were still alive, I could have helped them. I could have helped them prevent the hip fractures which greatly hastened their deaths, but now I will be the first woman in my family in all the generations I know about not to die an osteoporosis related death. Loss of my grandmother, aunt, mother to osteoporosis, all of those were needless misery and we don’t have to accept this.

“Your Bones” and the information that AlgaeCal makes it possible for me to share with you now, is what I so wish I could have given to my loved ones. It’s too late for me to help them, but I can help you or your mother or your grandmother or your husband or your father.

In our next video (video 2), I’ll share with you what I personally had to learn to beat osteoporosis.

Thanks for tuning in.

Review 2011 Spirit of Change
Lara Pizzorno emphatically raises the red flag on conventional bone medicine. With a genetic inheritance of insufficient vitamin D receptors, Pizzorno recognizes that her critical bone issues aren't relevant for everyone. Highlighting natural prevention and treatment strategies for different situations, Your Bones offers uncomplicated scientific advice for bone health. Along with vitamins and minerals (each described in depth) strong bones require lots of fresh vegetables and short periods of gung ho exercise. What they don't need are the patent medicines prescribed for osteoporosis (e.g. Fosamax, Boniva). Shockingly, these pharmaceuticals don't build healthy new bone, they cause retention of old, brittle bone! In addition, these bisphosphonates have nasty side effects and are well known to be dangerous. In 2008 the FDA actually questioned Merck about Fosamax increasing femur fractures. In response, Merck added this as a possible side effect in the package insert — 16 months later. So watch refined sugars, figure your ideal weight and build your bones, naturally! — Reviewed by Gail Lord

Exclusive Interview with Lara Pizzorno March 2017

  • "...my top 7 “team players” are vitamin D3, K2, calcium, EPA & DHA, magnesium, boron and strontium (citrate, NOT ranelate)"
  • " Lara was diagnosed with osteopenia in her very early 50s and today, over 15 years later, has strong healthy bones, despite being genetically at high risk for osteoporosis. She will be the first woman in her family, in all the generations she is aware of, to have strong healthy bones and credits this with having done everything she recommends in her book ‘Your Bones’. "

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