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Poor sleep strongly associated with pain in seniors (both associated with low vitamin D) – March 2015

The #1 Predictor for Pain in Adults Over 50 - Do You Make This Mistake? Mercola March 2015

title: Key Strategies for Optimizing Your Sleep

References included
Poor sleep linked to widespread pain Reuters Feb 2014

Which was a report on
Predictors of New-Onset Widespread Pain in Older Adults: Results From a Population-Based Prospective Cohort Study in the UK March 2014
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Observations by Henry Lahore of VitaminDWiki

  1. Many people believe Pain ==> Poor sleep
  2. The 2014 study documents Poor sleep <==> Pain (association)
  3. The Mercola article has the premis of Poor Sleep ==> Pain
  4. I have found that Magnesium, Vitamin D both help with sleep
  5. I just recently discovered the 4-7-8 sequencing of breathing which puts me to sleep in just a few minutes
    Google breathing sleep 4 7 8 for details

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