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Off topic: great hearing amplifier - 10 cents per day per ear


About 4 cents/day for battery and 6 cents per day for amplifier
- assuming it lasts about 5 years

My comments on Amazon Dec 2016

My first hearing amplifier. (age 70)
Free iPad test showed 10X reduction in left ear in voice frequencies
No ear wax, but lots of tinnitus in left ear
Nice - but has a very tiny slot to control the amplification
Could not even see the slot with 8X magnifier, but could see it with 15X magnification.
It has a very short delay before turning on (and squealing) - about 2 seconds - would prefer 5 seconds
Tinnitus often goes away after a few hours with the amplifier.
First battery lasted 6 days - very low-cost batteries - 4 cents per day

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