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Off topic: Consumer Labs has great reviews of supplements– a peek at their probiotics matrix


Update: Consumer Labs was offering a 5 day free trial Nov 2018
They have excellent extensive reviews of supplements.
Provides some information about their benefits – including reviews of latest studies
Constantly updated. (I think Vitamin D file was updated about 8 times in 2015)
Includes price information.
I have subscribed for 15+ years. $36 per year

Example: Probiotics matrix of which probiotic provides that benefit

Here are just the upper row and left column of the matrix - Jan 2015

Shop Carefully for Zinc to Get Proven Dosage, Quality, and Best Price
Deficiencies Found in B-Complex Products; See Caffeine Levels in Energy Drinks
Learn More About Garlic and Find the Best Supplements
100-Fold Difference Found in Cost of Iron Supplements
Find the Best NAC Supplements at Lowest Cost ( N-Acetyl Cysteine)
What's in Red Yeast Rice Supplements? Labels Won't Tell, But We Will, Some Red Yeast Rice 500X Stronger Than Others!
Some Supplements Can Help Lower Cholesterol and Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease
Find a CL Approved Supplement with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, or Boswellia
41 Probiotics Reviewed
Some Chromium Supplements Contain More Than You Want
Less CLA Than Expected in Some Products
See Results for Herbal Blends and 7-Keto DHEA Weight Loss Supplements
Most Garcinia (HCA) Supplements Fail CL's Tests
Flaxseed, Evening Primrose, Borage, and Black Currant Oils Tested
Best and Worst Omega-3 and -6 Oil Supplements
Tests and Comparisons of Korean, Chinese & American Ginseng
Many Failures Among Supplements for Joint Disease in Dogs and Cats
Tests and Comparisons of 25 Vitamin C Supplements
Tests of 19 Creatine and Amino Acid Supplements
Tests of Valerian Supplements — Two Fail for Lead
Valerian "Sleep" Supplements Vary in Key Compounds
See Our Picks for Protein, Energy, Fiber & Whole Food Bars
20 Resveratrol Supplements Tested
Popular Protein Powders, Shakes and Drinks Reviewed
Several Greens/Whole Foods Powders and Pills Fail Tests
Test Results and Comparisons of Potassium Supplements
Watch Out for Fake Bilberry Supplements
Check the Strength and Purity of Green Tea
Quality Ratings of 18 St. John's Wort Supplements
Vitamin K Supplements Tested and Compared
Lycopene Supplements Vary in Quality and Price
Most Milk Thistle/Liver Formula Products Low in Key Component
50% of Green Coffee Supplements Lack Expected Ingredients for Weight Loss
Lutein, Zeaxanthin and Vision Formulas Vary Widely
Under 25% of Selenium Discovered in a Product; No Price / Quality Link
Results for Ginkgo, as well as Huperzine A and Acetyl-L-Carnitine
Avoid Magnesium Supplements with Misleading Labels!
Huperzine A Supplements — Potential Help for Alzheimer's Disease
Acetyl-L-Carnitine Supplements Tested
See Ratings and Comparisons for 21 Vitamin E Products
Find a CL Approved Supplement That May Help with Prostate Symptoms
22 Zinc Supplements, Lozenges, and Liquids Tested
Lactose Intolerance Products Found to Vary in Strength and Cost
They're Popular in the Gym, But Can Nitric Oxide Supplements Help You?
Be Sure Your SAM-e Passed and That You're Not Paying Too Much
Not All Vitamin A Supplement Pass Tests. Check Ratings and Prices
L-Arginine Supplements Pass Quality Review But Dosage of Some May Not Be Effective for Expected Use
Only 30% of Selected Sexual Enhancement Supplements Pass Quality Tests
Find Out How Soy, Red Clover, Black Cohosh, and Progesterone Products Rated! , Most Menopause Supplements and Creams Approved, But Some Found Contaminated or Lacking Claimed Amount of Ingredient
100-Fold Difference Found in Cost of Iron Supplements, But Quality High, Are You Getting the Best Value and Using Right Form of Iron?
DHEA Supplements — Do They Work and Which Brands Deliver? , CL Finds Just 15% of Listed DHEA in One Supplement; 11-Fold Range in Cost by Brand
L-Tryptophan Supplements are Back — But Are They Safe? Do They Work?

Unfortunately they charge companies to review the products, so only a portion of the companies use their service.

Ulcerative Colitis reduced by half with probiotic VSL #3

CL Sept 2017
Clinical guidelines for the treatment of ulcerative colitis in countries such as South Korea and Canada currently recommend against the use of probiotics for treatment and/or to induce or maintain "complete remission" (Choi, Intest Res 2017 [free PDF]; Bressler, Gastroenterology 2015 [free PDF]). These positions were taken despite an analysis showing that three randomized, controlled trials among people with active ulcerative colitis receiving standard medications found that those who took the probiotic VSL #3 (3.6 trillion cells daily) for an average of 3 months had a higher remission rate compared to those who took placebo (43.8% vs. 24.8%, respectively) (Mardini Inflamm Bowel Dis 2014). The American Gastroenterological Association has not issued an official guideline on the use of probiotics for the treatment of ulcerative colitis, but plans on releasing one in the spring of 2019

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