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Supplements survey: Fish oil 1st, Vitamin D 4th, Magnesium 6th, Calcium 7th - March 2015

ConsumerLabs response by 10,000 members who filled out a survey

Use of Magnesium and Probiotics Rise, Multivitamins and Weight Loss Supplements Fall

  1. fish oil
  2. multivitamins
  3. CoQ10
  4. vitamin D
  5. B vitamins
  6. magnesium
  7. calcium
  8. probiotics
  9. vitamin C

The order is similar to that of last year's survey, with exception of magnesium overtaking calcium. Use of magnesium among respondents increased to 43.1%, compared to 38.1% last year — a relative growth of 13% and the largest increase among the major supplements.

The use of CoQ10, vitamin D, B vitamins, and, most notably, probiotics also increased - - with probiotic use reaching 40.2% of respondents, up from 37.8%. Use of multivitamins and fish oil supplements declined slightly, although they remained the most popular supplements — taken by 60.2% and 65.6%, respectively, of consumers in the survey.

Note: This is NOT a survey of average Americans.
This is a survey of people around the world who are so interested in supplements that they, like myself, pay $36 a year to be kept up to date.
ConsumerLabs has a great service which I have subscribed to for over a decade!

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