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Magnesium L-Threonate – perhaps more bioavailable – Jan 2012

Update Magnesium L-Threonate – tiny amount more bioavailable to brain but far more expensive– June 2016

Novel Magnesium Compound REVERSES Neurodegeneration Feb 2012 Life Extension Magazine

Summary of article and observations after searching the web in Jan 2012

  • Magnesium L-Threonate has been found to deliver Magnesium to the brains of rats.
  • This appears to reverse brain problems like Alzheimer’s – at least in rats.
  • No studies so far on humans.
  • No indication that Magnesium L-Threonate is better absorbed outside of the brain – in rats or humans.
  • Many supplement companies are selling the patented compound
    Example: Swansons
  • Seems like the rats were given a LOT of the stuff. Calculation by a person on the internet found that the equivalent for humans would be 7 grams per day.
    Unsure of that persons assumptions (Rat = 6, human = 37?)

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