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Off topic: Quality of Death – Oct 2015

Quality of Death Around the World The Atlantic

Brief summary of report by The Economist Intelligence Unit


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Category Justification
Palliative and healthcare environment This category includes indicators assessing the general palliative and healthcare environment, as well the existence of a well-articulated, effective and widely implemented government strategy.
Human resources Trained specialists, medical professionals and support staff are key in ensuring available services are delivered in a professional and high-quality fashion.
Affordability of care Where care is available, it needs to be affordable. In this category we assess public funding as well as out-of-pocket expenses for accessing palliative care.
Quality of care Quality of care is the most important category in the Index. It assesses various dimensions of quality, including the availability of strong opioid analgesics (morphine and equivalents), monitoring standards in organisations and the availability of services such as psychosocial support for patients and their families.
Community engagement The role of the community is important in palliative care, especially as volunteer workers are vital in the provision of care. In this category, we assess the availability and training for volunteer workers, and public awareness of palliative care.

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Off topic: Quality of Death – Oct 2015        

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