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FDA doubles the amount of vitamin D permitted in milk – July 2016

FDA Update

Manufacturers are now Permitted (not required) to 2X the amount of Vitamin D

Category of food Maximum levels in food
(as served)
Breakfast cereals 350 IU/100 grams
Grain products and pasta 90 IU/100 grams
Milk 42 IU/100 grams
84 IU as of July 2016
Milk products 89 IU/100 grams
  • “ . . allow manufacturers to voluntarily add up to 84 IU/100g of vitamin D3 to milk,
    84 IU/100g of vitamin D2 to plant-based beverages intended as milk alternatives, and
    89 IU/100g of vitamin D2 to plant-based yogurt alternatives.”

Notes by VitaminDWiki

Since many people now drink low fat or non-fat milk (which provide litte vitamin D to the body) this FDA change will not make much difference
    perhaps increase the population level of vitamin D by 2 nanograms
    anticipate 5+ nanograms in next few years due to increased supplementation and sunshine
FDA decided to double vitamin D in milk after talking 4 times with by Dr. Matthews – July 2016

  1. Manufacturers are allowed to add up to 84 IU/100 grams
    Since there are 3924 grams/gallon
    ~3300 IU/gallon (200 IU/cup)
  2. As a non-manufacturer, you may add as much vitamin D3 as you want.
    10,000 IU, 20,000 IU, 30,000 IU? – per gallon
    Recommend a water-soluable form of Vitamin D3 so that you get the benefits
    even if the fluid does not contain fat (low fat milk, plant mil, fturi juices, etc)

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