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Off Topic: FDA does change after lots of money and decades of pressure (amalgum in this case) - Oct 2020

Success — FDA Finally Issues Amalgam Warning Mercola

Story Highlights

  • September 24, 2020, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released its long-overdue safety communication on amalgam
  • The FDA warns mercury fillings may adversely affect people in certain high-risk groups and should be avoided
  • Groups identified as being at increased risk for harmful effects from dental mercury fillings include
    • pregnant women and their developing fetuses,
    • nursing women,
    • women who are planning to become pregnant,
    • infants and children under the age of 6,
    • people with neurological diseases,
    • impaired kidney function or heightened sensitivity to mercury or other amalgam components
  • After years of pressure from Consumers for Dental Choice and its allies, the FDA finally agreed to reopen the amalgam issue, and now admits dental amalgam releases mercury vapor that can cause health problems in some individuals
  • The FDA also advised against use of the misleading term “silver fillings,” and urges patients to discuss all dental filling options with their dentist

  • "The FDA is legally required to classify — that is, issue a rule for — all medical devices, including dental amalgam. But for 30 years, FDA dodged its legal duty to classify amalgam."

It usually costs a lot of time and money to change the FDA

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