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Alzheimer's 40 percent less likely if leafy veggie diet - March 2023

Significantly decreased risk of Alzheimer's if any of the following:
1) Leafy veggie diet
2) Reduce sugar (Type 3 Diabetes)
3) Increase Vitamin D levels.
4) Increase Omega-3
5) Increase Magnesium
       Founder of VitaminDWiki does all five

Two diets tied to lower Alzheimer’s pathology at autopsy

MDEdge actual study is behind a $39 paywall

  • A novel study provides strong evidence supporting the adoption of a healthy diet to protect the aging brain. In a cohort of deceased older adults, those who had adhered to the Mediterranean-DASH Intervention for Neurodegenerative Delay (MIND) and Mediterranean diets for nearly a decade before death had less global Alzheimer’s disease–related pathology, primarily less beta-amyloid, at autopsy.

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