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A US hospital director is now 30 X less likely to have medical training than 30 years ago – Oct 2017

Shouldn’t Doctors Control Hospital Care? New York Times

  • “Today, < 5 % of America’s roughly 6,500 hospitals are run by chief executives with medical training”
  • “Independent practices are also disappearing, as hospitals buy them up and put doctors on salary”
    Comment by VitaminDWiki
    • A doctor used to be rewarded for evolving the best ways to provide health – no longer
  • “For example, doctors are being pressed to discharge patients quickly — sometimes too quickly — to maintain “throughput.”
  • “There is a focus on increasing the rates of profitable procedures, such as orthopedic and heart surgeries, at the expense of relatively poorly remunerated general medical care.”

The author of this New York Times article, Sandeep Jauhar, also wrote a book on the topic in 2014
Doctored: The Disillusionment of an American Physician $7

Now most doctors have many barriers to trying new ways to improve the health of patients

When doctors had individual practices they were rewarded for improving the health of patients - both prevention and treatment

Now they are given no reward for prevention nor treatment

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There are a few health systems which economicall benefit from improved patient health

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