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Top UK soccer coach installed vitamin D booths in his club – Dec 2012

Clipped from various places on the web Dec 20, 2012

  • Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United soccer club, has revealed that United had a Vitamin D machine installed for compensate for Manchester's lack of natural sunlight.
  • Used 3X per week by each of the soccer players
  • Now Manchester United can combat lack of sun
  • Manchester has a reputation as being one of the wettest places in the UK, so it's little wonder Sir Alex Ferguson had a tanning booth installed so the players could top up their Vitamin D levels.
  • The city has an average annual rainfall of 806.6 millimetres (31.76 inches) and 140 days of rain each year, though both are actually below the national average.


Manchester does not get much sunshine


Vitamin D lamps were used by the UK submariners during WWII

UVB submariners WWII.jpg

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  1. Faster reaction time
  2. Far fewer colds/flues during the winter
  3. Less sore/tired after a workout
  4. Fewer micro-cracks and broken bones
  5. Bones which do break heal much more quickly
  6. Increased VO2 and exercise endurance Feb 2011
  7. Indoor athletes especially need vitamin D
  8. Professional indoor athletes are starting to supplement with vitamin D or use vitamin D beds
  9. Olympic athletes have used UV/vitamin D since the 1930's
  10. The biggest gain from the use of vitamin D is by those who exercise less than 2 hours per day.


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