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Ways to block UVA but not the UVB which makes vitamin D

There appear to be several ways to block damaging UVA while passing the UVB which provides vitamin D and long term tanning

  1. Pill with natural antioxidents
  2. Cream with natural antioxidents
  3. A special sunscreen which blocks UVA, but not UVB


In Jan 2012 I became aware of a pill which provides some protection of damage of the skin from the sun.
The pill contains natural antioxidents which reduce skin damage for both UVA and UVB rays WITHOUT decreasing the amount of UVB (read that as Vitamin D) that the skin receives.
You need to have been taking the pill for several weeks for the protection to build up.
It appears to reduce the amount of skin damage by 3X, that is, it allows you to get 3X as much vitamin D from the sun before getting any skin damage.
It might decrease photosensitivity.

The pill is available for $30 and $4 shipping in the US. By the middle of 2012 they hope ship to other countries.


#2 8 Natural ways to prevent a sunburn – July 2011

+Lycopene (cooked tomatoes), Astaxanthin, Vitamin D, Long-Chain Omega-3s, Saturated Fat, Tea, Proanthocyanidins, Resveratrol



Would have been nice to have had a sunscreen which blocked just UVA,

Unfortunately, most suncreens block both UVA and UVB
Some sunscreens block UVB more than UVA - the exact opposite of what is wanted (dashed line)
Sunscreen wanted

  • Website of company making sunscreen cream using Mexoryl SX
    ANTHELIOS SX has a SPF 15 (SPF means Sun Protection Factor which measures the UVB protection level)
    and a PFA 15 (PFA means Protection Factor UVA which measures the UVA protection level)
    Nice Spectra: Allows the Vitamin D and tanning of UVB, but blocks UVA
    The dotted line below is not exactly the dashed line idealized above, but is pretty good


Many sunscreen products do NOT block the upper UVA

This might be the reason that as people feel that they can stay out in the sun longer they get more cancer while getting less vitamin D

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