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Dr Oz: 50ng of vitamin D - Nov 2009

His video on Good Morning America gets many vitamin D ideas across very quickly (6 minutes)


  • Notes from that video: (with some updated information)

He recommends > 50 ng/ml

10-15 minutes of sunlight when your shadow is shorter than you
 an hour of sunlight is needed if your have dark skin

Just about guarantee that if you have dark skin or overweight you are vitamin D deficient

Cholesterol goes up in the winter to increase the amount to convert to vitamin D

He thinks that all milk just has the 'vegetarian" form = D2.
(He was not aware that many milk producers now add D3 instead of D2)
Dr. Oz father-in-law was taking 5,000 a day to replete

10,000 a day makes Dr. Oz really nervous, but overdosing with water is far easier
  50X as much water will cause you to die faster than 50X as much vitamin D

Multivitamins only have 400 IU, which is not enough
(since this video a few multivitamins have 4000 IU)

He suggested cod liver oil to get vitamin D
(this video was made before the vitamin A problem of code liver oil was recognized)


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Dr Oz: 50ng of vitamin D - Nov 2009        
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