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After learning they were vitamin D deficient, only 8 percent normalized – April 2012

Clinical audit of health promotion of vitamin D in one general practice

Asia Pac Fam Med. 2012 Apr 2;11(1):3.
Kljakovic M, Davey C, Sharma R, Sharma D.

The clinical audit of vitamin D health promotion in one Australian general practice was undertaken by measuring health service use and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in 995 patients aged 45 to 49 years.

Over 3 years, 486 (51%) patients had a Medicare funded Health Assessment. More women (54%) were assessed than men (46%) p = 0.010. Mean 25-OHD was higher for men (70.0 nmol/l) than women (60.3 nmol/l) p < 0.001. More patients had their weight measured (50%) than 25-OHD tested (28%). Among 266 patients who had a 25-OHD test, 68 (26%) had normal levels 80+ nmol/l, 109 (41%) were borderline 51-79 nmol/l, and 89 (33%) were low <51 nmol/l. Mean 25-OHD was higher in summer (73.7 nmol/l) than winter (54.7 nmol/l) p < 0.001. Sending uninvited written information about 25-OHD had no effect on patients' subsequent attendance.

Health promotion information about vitamin D was provided to 50% of a targeted group of patients over a one-year period. Provision of this information had no effect on the uptake rates of an invitation to attend for a general health assessment.
PMID: 22462590
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“Knowledge of a patient’s low 25-OHD appeared to have little impact on changing the patient’s level.
Only 8% of such patients were subsequently shown to revert back to normal levels.”

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