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Overview of Vitamin D Wiki for Fraser Health

Fraser Health adding 20,000 IU vitamin D weekly to reduce fractures Press Release

HMO forum Started Nov 2011
  which includes notes of phone conversation with Fraser Health Nov 24, 2011

Many studies support adding vitamin D to reduce falls and fractures

See also VitaminDWiki - Evidence that many Canadians are low on vitamin D

Additional benefits of raising senior vitamin D levels: Movement

Additional benefits of raising senior vitamin D levels: Mental

Additional benefits of raising senior vitamin D levels

Seniors lack vitamin D

Might consider the benefits of a Vitamin D loading dose

300,000 IU vitamin D helped seniors in many ways – May 2011

All items in category MegaDose Vitamin D 143 items

Vitamin D3 loading dose of 500,000 IU for elderly – Aug 2009
France attempts to restock vitamin D levels with 7000 or 14000 IU daily – Nov 2011

Of possible interest at VitaminDWiki

Proof that Vitamin D Works - many Random Controlled Trials, etc.
Only half of those getting 7000 IU vitamin D daily got to 30 ng level – June 2012
3X variation in response to dose of vitamin D – meta-analysis June 2012
Many reasons why vitamin D deficiency has become epidemic in past 30-40 years
Hospital stay 6 days longer for nursing home residents with low vitamin D -Oct 2011
Critical Care patients with low vitamin D were 85 percent more likely to die- Sept 2011
How you might double the benefit of your vitamin D
VitaminDWiki summarized in 1 poster
Encourage your senior parents to take more vitamin D, you will get more inheritance which has the following graphic
Vitamin D should reduce medical costs

Possible problems with having more vitamin D

  • Some residents might not be able to afford to live so long
    Vitamin D will extend the lives of the residents
    Some of the residents, who are directly paying for the care, may not funds to live longer
  • Chemotherapy might be amplified by vitamin D

Elderly often trapped in vitamin D vicious circles has the following graph

Elderly vitamin D interactions

Forms of vitamin D


Co-factor How Much Benefit BoneBioavailability Balance body Notes
Calcium <750mg Yes probablyYes Avoid getting too much
Magnesium 500mg Yes Yes Yes Very important, big range in bio-availability
Vitamin K2 Yes maybe ?
Vitamin A maybe ? need some, but too much is bad
Boron 5-10mg Yes 25% ?
Silica Yes no ?
Strontium Yes no ? rarely available in a co-factor pill
Zinc Yesmaybe?

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Following chart shows the Fraser Health dose level in context


Overview of Vitamin D Wiki for Fraser Health        

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