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Use of tanning beds would reduce associated deaths by 10X – Oct 2011

Vitamin D, sun, sunbeds and health.

Public Health Nutr. 2011 Oct 24:1-5.
Moan J, Baturaite Z, Juzeniene A, Porojnicu AC.
1Department of Radiation Biology, Institute for Cancer Research, The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Oslo University Hospital, Ullernchausseen 70, Montebello N-0310 Oslo, Norway.

OBJECTIVE: To review the health effects of solar radiation, sunbeds and vitamin D.

DESIGN: The literature was searched in the electronic database MEDLINE to indentify published data between 1981 and 2011.
Studies were included if they reported relative risk for cutaneous malignant melanoma (CMM) associated with sunbed use, vitamin D and UV effects on human health.

SETTING: Data from different time periods for populations at different latitudes.

SUBJECTS: Persons of different ages and ethnic groups.

RESULTS: UV from sun and sunbeds is the main vitamin D source.
Young people with white or pigmented skin in northern Europe have a low vitamin D status.
A number of health benefits from sufficient levels of vitamin D have been identified.
However, UV exposure has been suspected of causing skin cancer, notably CMM, and authorities warn against it.

CONCLUSIONS: The overall health benefit of an improved vitamin D status may be more important than the possibly increased CMM risk resulting from carefully increasing UV exposure. Important scientific facts behind this judgement are given.

10X fewer overall deaths from cancer if get more UV: Text from conclusion of article

Using the relationship between CMM risk and UV exposure and the results published by Giovanucci et al it can be estimated that increased sun exposure to the Norwegian population might at worst result in 200–300 more CMM deaths per year,
but it would elevate the vitamin D status by about 25 nmol/l and might result in 4000 fewer internal cancers and about 3000 fewer cancer deaths overall.
The lack of sunlight exposure leads to more health problems than bone disease and increased risk for cancer.
Other bene?ts include protection against infectious diseases and non-cancerous diseases (diabetes, CVD , multiple sclerosis and mental disorders)

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PMID: 22017922


There would probably be >20X decrease in Cancer deaths if the UV was increased intelligently, primarily by not burning.

Many other references put the ratio of next decrease in deaths at 100X to 1000X

The politicians have a delima

  • When the people to get more UV there will be 100X fewer overall deaths BUT relatives of those who die will probably sue the politicians
  • Do not change the policy = continue to have many people die of cancers, etc, due to vitamin D deficiency
    • but at least they (probably) will not sue

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