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Every hour of TV watched reduces your lifespan by 22 minutes – Aug 2011

Want to Live Longer? Turn Off Your TV Time Magazine

This was a study of 11,000 Australians in 2008

A previous study in June 2011 found that for every 2 hours of additional TV watching there was a 13% increase of dying in the next 7 years

Possible reasons which they listed: lack of exercise, tendency to eat junk food

Note: Disadvantaged and people who have not finished high school watch TV more and do not live as long.

VitaminDWiki adds a reason: By using TV/video games/multimedia not get out in the sun as much.
Would be nice to find a study of how much vitamin D levels decrease with hours of watching TV.
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Previous News item on perhaps the same study

Does watching TV really kill you? Jan 2010

See VitaminDWiki

That web page has the following graphic
see wikipage:http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=1752
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Sanity check

5 hours of TV a day = 1825 per year = 91,250 per 50 years
20 minutes = 1/3 hour.
1/3 * 91,250 = 30,416 hours = 1267 days = 3.5 years: possible

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