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Decreased mortality with sun and or altitude

Decreased mortality with sun and or altitude 7 studies of 10 to 20 years each, April 2010

Summary from article
A whole host of epidemiological studies have reported lower cancer rates and mortality in high-altitude regions.
These studies are reviewed and discussed in detail. Evidence for the salutary role of vitamin D in protecting against cancer and other maladies will also be reviewed and discussed.
The dependence of vitamin D production on sunlight and its enhancement with altitude will be demonstrated.
The hypothesis is advanced and developed that the lower cancer rates observed at high altitudes arise from enhanced sunlight-induced vitamin D production levels.
Protective vitamin D mechanisms which support this hypothesis as well as other supportive medical evidence are also presented.

The Studies

Radon study of 1600 US counties - lung cancer decreases by 7.5% for every 1260 feet in altitude,
Argonne National Laboratory study -looking at 40 factors in states, (‘‘higher and sunnier”) had fewer observed malignancy decreases.
University of Pennsylvania study - 20 year lower mortality rates were found in higher altitude counties.
Analyses of UICC and WHO cancer data - statistically signi?cant reductions in cancer at the higher altitudes.
Analysis of the United States Metropolitan Mortality Report 10 year - high-altitude protection against cancer
Leukemia and other cancer studies 20 year - signi?cant de?cits in mortality from cancers other than leukemia in 53 United States counties with most of their land mass above 3000 feet elevation,

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