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Absurdity of 600 IU vitamin D for 10 lb infant or 300 lb adult - Mar 2011

Heart Scan Blog had image of a 270 lb man in diapers

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It would be like trying to fit a large, full-grown man into the diapers of a 13-month old. Few nutrients or hormones (in fact, I can't think of a single one) are required in similar quantity by an infant or toddler and a full grown adult.

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Need to add vitamin D for each of the following reasons

IU of vitamin D to add vs X

Unhealthy people need even more vitamin D

And - the blood levels vary by 4X between individuals.

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IU vs Age (and done poorly, at that) - by I o M

Graph of RDA and Upper Limit

Vitamin D deficiency is a complex topic

Possible Vitamin D Interactions