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Lycopene blocks some UVA

First ran across lycopene and UV in a Mercola Article Nov 2010

"If you burn easily, consider supplementing your diet with lycopene, a key nutrient that is found in heavy concentration in tomatoes. Studies recently showed that those with high levels of lycopene had a much higher "internal sunscreen," and burned much less easily, than those who did not take in a lot of lycopene. In fact, antioxidants in general may give your skin an edge against UV sensitivity and cut down on burning."

Smart Skin Care says

"lycopene has SPF of about 3,"

Wikipedia entry shows that it does block some UVA (tanning) but not UVB (vitamin D)

CLICK HERE for more detial on the spectra

BBC mentions a test

Volunteers on the lycopene diet had a 30% increase in skin protection after eating 55 grams of tomatoe paste everyday for 12 weeks.

It appears that instead of easting tomatoe paste for 12 weeks you could instead just put on a poor (blocks only UVA and not UVB) 3.0 sunscreen

Lycopene blocks some UVA        
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