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Off topic: Ecoli adapts to 1000 times toxic dose of antibiotics in just 11 days – Sept 2016

The Antibiotic Apocalypse Advances Mercola

Amazing 2 minute video
- E-coli adapting to 10X, then 100X, then 1000X toxic level of antibiotic
   I had thought that adaption took years, not days

Massive reference http://amr-review.org/

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Antibiotics and Vitamin D are associated with many of the same diseases contains the following
Strong indications in Missing Microbes that early antibiotics increases the risk of obesity

  1. Farmers have been giving low-level anitbiotics to animals since they learned long ago that it would increase by 10% the animal weight without increased cost of feed
  2. Mice given low-level antibiotics for first 4 weeks of life become heavier later in life
  3. Children who are given antibiotics in first 6 months of life are 5X more likely to become obese (study in England of 14,000 births)
  4. US States which get the most antibiotics are those states with the most obesity (CDC)
  5. Obese US adults have 1/2 of the gut biotic diversity of non-obese adults (400,000 vs 800,000)
  6. Germ-Free mice became obese when given fecal transplants from mice who had antibiotics and became obese
    This is a strong indication that the cause of the obesity was the gut microbiome

Antibiotic resistance charts by Information Is Beautiful - 2014 has the following