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Innocent Dietary Imbalance Hardens and Narrows Your Arteries (Omega-3 index) – Dec 2018

Innocent Dietary Imbalance Hardens and Narrows Your Arteries Mercola


  • VITAL Study Confirms Heart Healthy Benefits of Fish Consumption
  • “Vitamin D Supplementation May Lower Cancer Risk, Even in Short Term”
  • “Balancing Your Omega-6 to Omega-3 Ratio May Also Aid Weight Management”
  • “Dietary Recommendations Are Seriously Distorted on Omega-6”
  • “To Protect Your Heart and Brain, Normalize Your Omega-3-to-6 Ratio”

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13103 Dementia 4.1 X high risk in those with low Vitamin D, Omega-3, etc.2 decades before (behind paywall) – Nov 2021 39
29 Nov, 2021 01:43
admin Cognitive
Vitamin D and Omega-3
13059 Autoimmune risk decreased 30 percent by small amount of vitamin D and or Omega-3 – ViTAL Nov 7 2021 248
14 Nov, 2021 11:51
admin Autoimmune
Top news
Vitamin D and Omega-3
13051 Mental health not helped by vitamin D monotherapy (adding Omega-3 and Magnesium help) – review Nov 2021 53
21 Nov, 2021 19:12
admin Depression
Vitamin D and Magnesium
Vitamin D and Omega-3
13037 COVID-19 decreased risk if add Vitamin D, A, C, NAC, Se, Zn, or Omega-3 – Dec 2021 209
01 Nov, 2021 02:16
admin Vitamin D and Vitamin A
Vitamin D and Omega-3
Vitamin C
12985 High-dose Omega-3 fought COVID in 2 hospital trials (6x reduction in ICU, reduced time) – Masterjohn Oct 2021 154
28 Oct, 2021 06:30
admin Top news
Vitamin D and Omega-3
12963 Early brain development helped by Iron, Iodine, Vitamin D, Omega-3. Zinc etc. – Oct 2021 196
11 Oct, 2021 16:19
admin Infant-Child
Vitamin D and Omega-3
Vitamin D and Iron
12926 Benefits of Omega-3 plus Vitamin D were additive – RCT Sept 2021 319
27 Sep, 2021 11:27
admin Depression
Vitamin D and Omega-3
12919 Atrial Fibrilation in VitaminDWiki 152
23 Sep, 2021 17:31
admin Cardiovascular
Vitamin D and Omega-3
12898 COVID-19 risk reduced 4X by each of: Vitamin D, Omega-3, Curcumin, Zinc 514
15 Sep, 2021 23:38
admin Vitamin D and Omega-3
12896 Omega-3 reduces risk of COVID-19 - many studies 278
15 Sep, 2021 13:31
admin Vitamin D and Omega-3

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