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Does Less Sun Mean More Disease? - 5-minute video

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Watch Does Less Sun mean More Disease



Reykjavík has the longest Vitamin D winter of the world's capitals




The single best supplement/nutrient to improve your health is Vitamin D

Vitamin D proved to prevent/fight 48 health problems (50K weekly)


Vitamin D observed to prevent/fight another 50 health problems

Vitamin D is the largest seller of all individual supplements


Vitamin D has more publications/data than any other supplement


3 forms of Vitamin D in the blood: the final form is a Hormone

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Some hospitals are noticing: Less cost if more Vitamin D

$10,000 higher annual VA hospital cost if have low Vitamin D
VA found less testing for vitamin D resulted in increased health costs – Jan 2012
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Fewer Health Problems if more vitamin D Pregnancy

Pregnancy problems reduced GRH 2015
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Wide range of response to Vitamin D: 50K Vitamin D weekly

Image Translates to Before, After, Weekly

Even more Vitamin D needed if obese, etc
There are 4 ways to increase Low responses and Decrease High responses



26 Health problems fought by bi-weekly 50K Vitamin D

Diabetes    Heart Failure    Chronic Pain    Depression    Autism    Breast Cancer    Colon Cancer    Prostate Cancer    BPH (prostate)    Preeclampsia    Premature Birth    Falls    Cognitive Decline    Respiratory Tract Infection    Influenza    Tuberculosis    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease    Lupus    Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome    Urinary Tract Infection    Poor Sleep    Growing Pain    Multiple Sclerosis    PMS    Schizophrenia    Endometriosis    Smoking

Details at https://is.gd/VitD2weeks



48 Health problems fought by weekly 50K Vitamin D

ADHD    Anxiety    Asthma    Autism    BPH (prostate)    Cancer - Breast    Cancer - Colon    Cancer - Prostate    Cardiovascular    Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease    Cognitive Decline    Colds     Depression    Diabetes    Endometriosis    Falls    Fibromyalgia    Hashimoto's Thyroiditis    Hay Fever    Heart Failure    Hives     Hypertension – Pulmonary    Immune System    Infant    Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome    Influenza    Kidney Disease    Lupus    Migraine    Multiple Sclerosis    Obesity    Osteoarthritis – Knee Pain    Pain - Chronic    Pain - Growing    PMS    Preeclampsia    Premature Birth    Respiratory Tract Infection    Schizophrenia    Sleep - Poor    Sleep Apnea    Smoking    Sports Performance    Stroke    Surgery    Tuberculosis    Ulcerative Colitis    Ulcers – Venous    Urinary Tract Infection

Details at https://is.gd/VitD2weeks

Response to Vitamin D Health Problems fought quickly with Vitamin D

Health Problems fought by 50K Vitamin D: biweekly, weekly

Only 4 pills per month for normal-weight adult

Almost 2 months to respond to 50K weekly unless start with loading dose

Vitamin D dose varies with weight and obesity

Vitamin D helps you lose weight when you stress your body

Why Vitamin D weekly is better than daily

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