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Zika microcephalic child may cost 4 million dollars – Aug 2016

The Price of Zika? About $4 Million Per Child Wired Aug 2016

  • Cost of pregnancy in states with Zika outbreaks will climb when you figure in the two rounds of Zika testing and monthly serial ultrasounds the CDC recommends for monitoring.
  • “A very, very conservative guess would be that the medical costs of Zika would be around $600,000 for these families,”
  • Plus indirect costs for
    special schooling
    modify their home and vehicles
    loss of income for parents providing round-the-clock care.
  • Alfaro-Murillo estimates the total lifetime costs, medical and indirect, will reach $4.1 million.
  • "Medicaid will probably cover the majority of the medical treatments”

Comments by VitaminDWiki

  1. I can relate. My 104 year-old father-in -aw takes a lot of daily care
    about 6 hours of my time
    and 6 hours of care-givers (@ $25/hours ==> $54,000/year)
  2. Probably the mother does not even have to be a US citizen – just have the birth in US and her birth defected child remain in the US
  3. Rough estimate 900 microcephalic children to increase Florida's Medicaid cost by 1%
    Medicad Florida $9 billion annually
    1% of annual = $90 million
    $100,000 = rough guess of annual cost per child (assumes that Medicad does not pay for care-giving)
    900 children = 1% addition

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