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Strong innate immune systems do not get viral symptoms (COVID-19) – April 2021

You Probably Have an Asymptomatic Infection Right Now The Atlantic

No, not COVID-19. Many, many viruses can infect humans without making us sick, and how they do that is one of biology’s deepest mysteries.

  • “The mystery is hardly unique to COVID-19. SARS, MERS, influenza, Ebola, dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya, West Nile, Lassa, Japanese encephalitis, Epstein-Barr, and polio can all be deadly in one person but asymptomatic in the next. “
  • Within hours of a typical viral infection, the first infected cells begin secreting interferons, a group of molecules that acts as “a fire alarm and sprinkler system in one, . . . ””
  • Interferons also “interfere” with the virus in a number of ways, such as degrading viral genes, preventing cells from taking up viral particles, suppressing the manufacturing of viral proteins, and causing infected cells to self-destruct. By slowing replication of the virus, interferons buy time for the rest of the immune system.”

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