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Statin side-effects are reduced by Vitamin D – US patent Application – April 2019


IF this application becomes a patent then Stain producers would have to pay a royality if they wanted to include Vitamin D in the same pill



  • Who said vitamin D could not be patented
    • A patent is a good indication that Vitamin D can treat/prevent a health problem
  • Some Vitamin D patents in 2018
    PCOS, Breast and many other cancers, Obesity, Fall prevention, Stroke and other Cardiovascular, Immune system, wounds and reduce scars, Kidney disease, Diabetes, improve fertility, decrease pregnancy problems, SAD, multiple sclerosis (2),chemoprevention of cancer, accelerate fracture healing, metabolic syndrome, periodontitis, gingivitis, endometreosis, hair loss due to Chemotherapy, asthma, allergy, PMS in girls, ADHD

Statin Side Effects

“A pharmaceutical composition and method reduces statin-related side effects, including myalgia, myositis, myopathy, and myonecrosis. The composition comprises at least one HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor (statin) and vitamin D. The composition may comprise one or more excipient. The pharmaceutical composition is adapted to decrease side effects of said HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors. The excipient may comprise one or more excipient delivery agent providing immediate release, sustained release, extended release and/or combination thereof of said HMG-CoA and/or vitamin D. The amount of the vitamin D may be fixed or variable. A method of treating hyperlipidemia is provided comprising an orally administered pharmaceutical composition having at least one HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor and vitamin D. Preferably, the pharmaceutical composition is administered once per day, via oral, nonoral, transdermal and/or injection drug delivery.”

[0012] While statins have proven effective in safely lowering LDL cholesterol, statin-related side effects have become a major concern. Specifically, side effects including myalgia, myositis, myopathy, and/or myonecrosis are relatively prevalent. Myalgia, myositis, myopathy and/or myonecroses pain directly related to taking statin drugs causes many patients to stop taking statins. The biological mechanism for statin-related myalgia is unknown. Some data indicates that vitamin D levels may play a role. A vitamin D deficiency itself is known to produce symptoms approximating statin-related myalgia. Some studies suggest that while some statin-treated patients had increased odds of myalgia, statin users with higher levels of vitamin D did not have an increased risk for myalgia when compared to non-statin users.