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Sepsis is fought by Vitamin D in 9 ways – Feb 2023

Vitamin D Deficiency: An Underestimated Factor in Sepsis?

Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2023, 24(3), 2924; https://doi.org/10.3390/ijms24032924
by Charlotte Delrue 1,Reinhart Speeckaert 2,Joris R. Delanghe 3 and Marijn M. Speeckaert 1,4, Belgium


Vitamin D is an important immune modulator that is linked to infection susceptibility. It has been suggested that vitamin D deficiency plays a role in sepsis and septic shock because vitamin-D-related pathways are associated with various immunological, endocrine, and endothelial functions. Previous research has yielded inconclusive results regarding the link between mortality and vitamin D deficiency in sepsis patients. In patients with sepsis and severe vitamin D deficiency, an adequate vitamin D concentration may reduce mortality. Randomized controlled trials to assess the influence of vitamin D supplementation on clinical outcomes in sepsis patients with vitamin D deficiency are uncommon. We will provide an overview of the current knowledge about the relationship between vitamin D and sepsis in this review, as well as consider the potential value of vitamin D supplementation in this situation.
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Summary of Sepsis and Vitamin D

  • Sepsis more likely in those with poor immune systems
    Infants, elderly, sick, those with low vitamin D
  • Severe Sepsis has been associated with low vitamin D in many studies
  • Vitamin D treats Sepsis (RCT- 2015, below)
      Reduced: ICU by 8 days, Hospital stay by 7 days, and readmission rate to 0%
  • Many studies have found that a high level of Vitamin D also prevents Sepsis

VitaminDWiki recommendations for Vitamin D treatment of Sepsis in ICU

  1. Fortify the immune system as fast as possible ( Vitamin D Loading dose = Stoss dose = Bolus dose )
  2. Speedup the restoration of Vitamin D with sublingual or topical vitamin D
    • Nanoemulsion form of Vitamin D seems particularly fast acting
  3. Follow loading dose with maintenance doses of vitamin D - probably 50,000 IU weekly
    • Note: Many studies incorrectly used no maintenance dosing, just loading dose
  4. Consider reducing Sepsis even more by adding:   Omega-3    Magnesium    Glutamine

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Sepsis is fought by Vitamin D in 9 ways – Feb 2023        
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