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Role of Vitamin D in Alzheimer's disease (paywalled) - May 2023

Is There a Role of Vitamin D in Alzheimer's disease?

CNS Neurol Disord Drug Targets May 2023 doi: 10.2174/1871527322666230526164421 $95 paywall
Domenico Plantone 1, Matteo Pardini 2 3, Stefano Caneva 2, Nicola De Stefano 1

Alzheimer's disease (AD) represents the most prevalent type of neurodegenerative dementia and the sixth leading cause of death worldwide. The so-called "non-calcemic actions" of vitamin D have been increasingly described, and its insufficiency has already been linked to the onset and progression of the main neurological diseases, including AD.

  • Immune-mediated Aβ plaque's phagocytosis and clearance,
  • immune response,
  • oxidative stress, and
  • mitochondrial function

are all influenced by vitamin D, and these functions are considered relevant in AD pathogenesis.
However, it has been shown that the genomic vitamin D signaling pathway is already impaired in the AD brain, making things more complicated. In this paper, we aim to summarise the role of vitamin D in AD and review the results of the supplementation trials in AD patients.

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